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EPHEMERA is an Australian lifestyle brand driven by an European aesthetic and a nostalgic state of mind. We create timeless pieces that are executed to the highest standards of cut, fit and finish.

Founder and Designer, Nicole Banning, comes from a luxury design background that includes a stint as a Designer at fabled fashion house Saint Laurent, Paris. This experience supports the brand’s mission to create beautiful, ‘must-have’ pieces that are executed to the highest technical standards.


Taking care to select quality materials and engaging with manufacturing processes that respect our planet has always been a part of our core values. We believe in producing clothing that is built to last. When you purchase a piece from EPHEMERA, we expect that it has a long lifetime in your closet and possibly other closets if it is passed on as a second hand piece later in its lifespan. EPHEMERA is comitted to sourcing and producing sustainably, this is a continuous process of education as new ecosustainable materials and practices become available and are integrated into our processes.