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Words: Nicole Banning,

We Love Jennifer Lawrence in our Noir Split One Piece

It has been nothing short of thrilling to watch none other that the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence play seductress and spy Dominika Egorova, on the silver screen in our Noir Split One Piece.

Costume Designer Trish Summerville, who sourced our Split One Piece for the infamous pool scene noted that Dominika's wardrobe of neutral hues and streamlined silhouettes allow her to blend in when needed and stand out just enough to "attract her bait" — i.e., Nash, who, let's be honest, isn't that difficult to lure, especially at the pool where he likes to do his daily laps. So instead of, say, a modest one-piece Speedo for optimal sidestrokes, Dominika wears our strappy, seductive and strategically-cut-out swimsuit. "That wouldn't be a swimsuit you would do laps in a pool in, but she's not necessarily there to do laps in a pool," says Summerville, who does note that the suit is perfectly functional for a calorie-burning swim.